An enduring Canadian favourite for centuries

An enduring Canadian favourite for centuries, hardwood has evolved into perhaps the most diverse flooring category available today.

We've organized them for you ranging from light to dark hardwood products. The species defines the wood that is used to make the hardwood. Experience the warm, comforting atmosphere that hardwood flooring creates by exploring our different brands.

Prior to modern polyurethanes, oils and waxes were used in addition to stains to provide finishes. Sanding using successively finer grades of sandpaper is required to ensure even stain penetration when stains are used, as well as to eliminate visible scratches from coarser sandpaper grades used initially. Additionally, sanding is used to renew the appearance of older floors.

This process works with great results as long as the floor hasn't had any waxes or synthetic cleaners. Floating installation: A floating installation is where the flooring is laid down in a glueless manner on top of a layer of underlay. Often the parquet floor will require sanding and re-finishing after the glue-down installation method due to the small size pieces.

Wood flooring can also be installed utilizing the glue-down method. This installation system allows for different materials (i.e. wood and metal) to be installed together if they have the same connection system. Solid hardwood is also more prone to "gapping" (excessive space between planks), "crowning" (convex curving upwards when humidity increases) and "cupping" (a concave or "dished" appearance of the plank, with the height of the plank along its longer edges being higher than the centre) with increased plank size.

The several different categories of engineered wood flooring include: The top layer ( lamella ) is the wood that is visible when the flooring is installed and is adhered to the core. Engineered wood flooring, is composed of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank.


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