Place thin scraps of wood between your

Place thin scraps of wood between your tool and the floor. This way the scrap wood wood floor refinishing toronto will take the punishment, not your floor.

A good pry bar should have a hooked section on one end, a straighter area on the other, and a nail removal "oval" near the straighter end. With a touch of practice you can make this long job much easier on yourself and suffer much less back pain and sweat. After all, you are going to sand the floor if for no other reason than to get it flat and level again.

Even with a high quality vacuum cleaner, carpets trap dirt. Discover why Bruce is the preferred hardwood brand for thousands of homeowners and the #1 choice for builders. Canada choose Scrubbi to clean their homes.

Not only is my place beautifully clean, but I love the little touches with the way various things were folded! Rinse the mop in clean water and squeeze is thoroughly. You can also vacuum the floor, but make sure that the attachment has the soft bristles to prevent scratching.

Sweep the floor with a soft-bristled broom. Liquid dishwashing soap is great to use since it's so mild. Instead, use a liquid dishwashing soap and water.

Oil leaves residue that will hold dust and dirt while furniture spray makes the floor very slick (very dangerous). If your floor has a modern finish, it can be wet-mopped. Over a period of time, the movement creates small gaps and the nails that hold them down loosen and the floor squeaks.

It all looks good, but does it sound right? Cover it with a second coat and give it a sanding and then the third coat comes on which has to set for 24 hours. You will find that the surface has become flat and smooth.


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